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Tools, polishes, chems and coatings designed to work together for the world's best finish

Gloss-It is one of the few manufactures in the world who not only develops its own micro-abrasive polishes but offers si02 glass ceramic coatings, chemicals and long-stroke polishing machine DA tools. We use our Gloss-It Detail Studio in Las Vegas as an R&D lab to test and refine products in the real world, making sure all products meet high expectations and excel when used together. We created the best surface restoration technology and have used it ourselves for 27 years, producing thousands of satisfied clients and hundreds of 5 star reviews.

Through demand of our installers and car enthusiast clients we saw the demand increase for better and more efficient DIY systems that delivered a more user friendly approach along with making detailing fun not just a chore. Gloss-It Products is celebrating our 10th anniversary and happy to see our continued growth in North America and over 30 countries world wide. Gloss it will continue our evolution in developing and improving innovative tools, chemicals and ceramic coatings for detailing professionals, DIY and enthusiasts alike for a true one-stop shop for all car cars and surface paint restoration needs.

Owners become long-term clients because they trust our certified installers and products.

So happy I came here! I just bought my car a couple months ago and clearly the previous owner did not wash it correctly so the paint had the swirl effect happening. Rich suggested I get a paint correction and gloss coating. He explained everything and delivered what he promised. My car looks absolutely amazing and I’ve gotten so many compliments on how beautiful it looks. It literally glitters in the sunlight!

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Quality builds growth

The Master Paint Correction class and EVO Quartz Ceramic Coating installer certification was very beneficial to us. We learned new paint correction techniques and the proper way to guarantee the best results with the complete line up of Gloss-It products. This has helped business because our customers total satisfaction generates more word of mouth and hence, more business in both paint correction and EVO Quartz Coatings. Rich and the gloss-it team were extremely helpful to us and his marketing and sales advice along with guidance was vital to the process and success of premiumdetaling507 in 2017.” We look forward to the future with Gloss-It and the expansion in central and south america.


Our custom dealer locator system assists prospective clients find our world-wide network of resellers and installers. We have created 4 pin types to help locate our different types – Authorized EVO Pro9H Installers, Certified Master Paint Correction Specialists, Authorized EVO 21, 15 and 12 Polishing Machine Distributors and Car Care Chemical Dealers.

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Tech Details


Gloss-It had been producing polymer coatings for 10 years when we recognized the opportunity to again evolve along with paint technology.

As ceramic coatings became the latest advancement in paint protection we went to work to develop our own coatings for both exterior and interior surfaces. We worked with a biochemist to develop this new glass technology, referred to as SiO2 nano-ceramic coatings, which offer different levels of protection based on the ceramic solids by volume of each coating and layers applied. These coatings provide a candy-like shell which, when applied over any substrate surface, will harden by 25% to 40%. The EVO Quartz coatings chemically react with the surface to form a transparent coating that is very resistant to impact and abrasion such as swirl marks, micro scratches and hard water spots. This is what is referred as high film hardness or pencil hardness. The EVO Quartz coatings offer High Chemical Resistance to acids, salts, solvents, fallout from bird droppings and corrosive elements from winter climates and have a warranty of 2 to 7 years. The installer program for authorized EVO Pro9H was created to build a global network of professionals with the training needed to install these amazing coatings.


Gloss-It has developed a line of proprietary water-based emulsion, liquid micro-abrasive polishes which have been tested on thousands of automotive OEM and after-market paint surfaces.

The EVO Paint Correction Polish development journey started in 1997. This is when we saw a huge demand for polishes that don’t just “hide” common swirl marks and scratch imperfections, but actually remove imperfections and produce a flawless surface that produces a mirror like refection with the quality of a perfectly cut and polished brilliant diamond. Our 27 year pursuit led us through years of testing in the corporate Gloss-It Detail Studio on some of the most expensive, collectible, luxury, exotic and super cars. This real-world test lab has given Gloss-It the edge in surface technology development. Auto paint manufactures switching from solvent-based to a water-born clear coat changed the game of detailing and polishing car finishes, requiring adaptation to keep up with automotive paint technology. This evolution is why our system is named “EVO.” Our polishes have become an industry go-to for paint correction solutions.


The Gloss-It EVO 21, 15 and 12 DA long-stroke polishing machines are engineered to be reliable tools that withstand over 8 hours of heavy use, 6 days a week in a professional detail studio, auto body shop or marine boat polishing environment.

Analysis over thousands of hours in our in-house detail studio and feedback from other professionals led us to identifying the strengths and weakness of existing tools. The resulting knowledge pushed us to develop amazing machines that can be used by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Our EVO polishers will be continuously improved with updated components to produce maximum, smooth torque to safely remove the most difficult paint imperfections while remaining user friendly, providing the confidence to produce a flawless finish each and every time.


Our Car Care product line has been developed over 27 years in our high-end Gloss-It Detail Studio, where our client’s vehicles help us understand the issues with restoring, maintaining and imposing upon a factory looking finish.

Countless hours are spent tackling chemical formulations to produce each detailing product before it is released to our professional and weekend warrior car enthusiast clients. The essential foundation to maintaining a great looking exterior finish and pristine interior is the knowledge gained by working with car manufactures to learn the characteristics of each paint process, leather, vinyl and alacantera suede surface. We have created an innovative car care detailing system that removes the guess work by providing hands-on training videos to get you up to speed quickly on proper technique and application to produce a showroom perfect vehicle. Use our Q & A reference to help quickly asses difficult detail obstacles and take the right approach to effectively resolve detailing road blocks.

Hands On Education & Training


Meet Daniel Ingham of DoubleD's Auto Works. He received the hands on training from Gloss It University . See what he had to say about his experience with Gloss it and the Training Program.

Gloss-it University will take all the guess work out and will teach you how to detail in less time and produce the perfect finish.

Our proven classes, detail products and tutorial videos have helped detailers from around the globe attract more business, and for the serious detailing & car enthusiasts learn the “art of paint correction and machine polishing” Whether your a pro or novice you will be sure after completing our comprehensive detailing school how to take your detailing skills to the next level.

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paint correction certification

Paint correction is much more complex than merely applying car wax to fill in scratches - it involves careful removal of contaminants, polishing of the paint service to level the surface, and applying for long-term paint protection. Learn to fix dull, scratched, oxidized, orange peel, water spotted or swirled appearance. In most cases, paint correction can correct a vehicle's finish to better than new condition.

Class Length: 1 Day
Cost: $995

The basics of dual-action machine polishing and protection

Are you a weekend warrior on a quest to elevate your detailing game? Are you looking to get into the world of professional detailing? Whether you're a car enthusiast or just someone who is very particular about the upkeep of their vehicle, our beginner course is the perfect way to learn the tricks of the trade and achieve professional results for both DIY and pro applications.

A specialized instructor will cover different pad and product choices with our full-range of paint correction polishes. We will teach the basic in the most common paint imperfections and how to assess and create the right pad and product combination for your vehicle's finish. We carefully go over the basics of dual-action machine polishing & protection. At Gloss-it Detailing University, we will teach you the newest and most advanced techniques and remove all guess-work. The class is held at the Gloss-It Headquarters located in Las Vegas, NV (USA) and includes 7 hours of hands-on education and paint correction training per day. Lunch will be provided during training.

*Students will be responsible for lodging and transportation.

  • One beginner detailer-approved & EVO9H Installer Certification.
  • Instruction on the three combinations to get your work done in record times.
  • Information and how-tos on hot new buffers and polishers on the market.
  • Step-by-Step instruction in polishing, restoring, waxing and correcting paint imperfections.
  • Become versed in new and old paint finish technology.
  • Learn the difference between removing wet sanding and DA sanding and to evaluate and identify paint defects.
  • 15% off sitewide.

Class Length: 2 Days
Cost: $1,995

Includes EVO Quartz Pro9H Coating Certification

We highly recommend this class for the serious detailing professional business owner who has been in business for several years looking to increase annual revenue from 25 to 50k by joining the Gloss-It worldwide installer and paint correction specialist team! We don't only cover hands-on training but spend time showing “how” to inspect the potential client's vehicle and accurately quote paint correction details and Evo Quartz Ceramic Coatings.

To become a Gloss It Evo Paint Correction Specialist or Evo Quartz Pro 9H Authorized Installer you will be required to be proficient with our EVO 21 Dual Action Polishers (EVO 21, 15, & 12). The class will consist of 2 days and will cover comprehensive paint correction instruction and application techniques with the Gloss-It product line. This class will also show you the steps on the application and removal of our Evo Quartz Ceramic Coatings. The class is held at the Gloss It Head Quarters located in Las Vegas, NV (USA) and includes 7 hours of hands-on education and paint correction training per day.

Graduates will receive a Gloss-It Official Certification as an approved Gloss It Master Evo Paint Correction & EVO PRO 9h certified specialist. Lunch will be provided for all training days.

*Students will be responsible for lodging and transportation.

  • 1 professional detailer approved Intermediate & EVO Pro 9H Installer Certification.
  • All of the offerings of the beginner program.
  • Placement on Gloss-it.com Dealer Locator.
  • 90-day advanced business, sales, and marketing targets.
  • Advanced education and product knowledge in auto detailing chemicals.
  • Mindsets and steps to detailing success.
  • Proper use of specialized detailing equipment.
  • Understanding of paint technology, paint defect removal, and different types of paint finishes from base coat, clear coat, and single stage finishes.
  • 25% off all Evo Quartz Ceramic Coatings, which include interior Evo Leather and Vinyl Guard coatings.
  • 15% off tools, microfiber products, and buffing foam & wool pads.
  • 20% off all future chemical purchases (this offer does not include a discount on Evo Quartz ceramic coatings, tools, microfiber products, buffing pads and other accessories).

Class Length: 4-5 Days
Cost: $4,995

Includes EVO Quartz Pro9H Coating Certification

Gloss-It is raising the bar in the world of car detailing and protection through tried-and-true methods that marry innovation and proven techniques. We highly recommend this course for the detailing professional or high-end detail shop facility looking to increase annual revenue from 50 to 100k per year by joining the gloss it worldwide installer team!

To become a Gloss It Evo Paint Correction Specialist or Evo Quartz Pro 9H Authorized Installer you will be required to be proficient with our Evo21 Dual Action Polisher and high-speed polisher. The class will consist of 4 days and will cover comprehensive paint correction instruction and application technique with the Gloss-It professional paint correction polishing system and long stroke dual action machines (Evo21, Evo 15 and EVO12). This course will also show you the steps on application and removal of our Evo Quartz Coatings.

The class is held at the Gloss-It Headquarters located in Las Vegas, NV (USA) and includes 7 hours of hands-on education and paint correction training per day. Graduates will receive a Gloss It Official Certification as an approved Gloss It Master Evo with a Paint Correction & EVO PRO9h certified specialist. Lunch will be provided for all training days. *Students will be responsible for lodging and transportation.

  • One professional Detailer approved Master & EVO9H Installer Certification.
  • All of the offerings of the beginner and advanced classes.
  • Placement on Gloss-It.com Dealer Locator.

EVO Quartz Coating Certification

Learn to provide your clients with the a coating that protects and provides the highest gloss available. Pro9H Certification provides exclusive rights to distribute and install a profitable, tried-and-true, customer favorite.


Class Length: 1 Day
Cost: $300

The Evo Quartz Coating class is an advanced coating class focused on the application of our Evo Quartz Pro 9H Coating. Completion of this course will allow access to buy our Evo Quartz Pro 9H Coating in addition to becoming an Authorized Installer in a select territory of your city.

  • Proper prep stages required for maximum adhesion process.
  • Application and removal of any coating on the vehicle, in addition to showing the proper removal of excess or improperly applied coats.
  • How to maximize efficiency and technique on the application.
  • How to apply multiple coats and show the application of entire vehicle.
  • How to maintain and keep the durability for lasting results.
  • Exclusive buying rights to the Evo Quartz Pro 9H coating.
  • 25% off all Evo Quartz Coatings per case quantity of 12


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