Signature Wheel Cleaning Gel-5 Gallons

Wheel Cleaner
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Signature Wheel Cleaning Gel-5 Gallons

Gloss-It Signature Wheel Cleaning Gel is not only safe for any type of wheel, but has the cleaning power that is unsurpassed in the car care industry. Gloss-It Signature Wheel Cleaning Gel is a unique pH neutral wheel cleaner that was tested on the finest quality OEM and after market wheels available. It has been proven not to stain, etch or damage polished wheel lips, clear coated and or custom painted wheels.

Gloss-It Signature Wheel Cleaning Gel is safe from damaging body painted surfaces and body trim. While the thick consistency of this product allows it to cling to the wheel surfaces and effectively loosen brake dust and grime. It also rinses freely to leave tires and wheels streak free.

Gloss-It Signature Wheel Cleaning Gel is concentrated so depending on how dirty your wheels are, it can be diluted 1:1 to 1:2 and 1:4. This means that these three 22 ounce bottles can make as much as 264 ounces of wheel cleaner which is more than two gallons. What a great value for the money!

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Short Description Wheel Cleaner
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Polishing Pad Size No
Brush Size No
Cleaning Gel Size No
Microfiber Suede Applicator Block Amount No
Tire Gloss Size No
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Gloss Envy Detail Spray Plus Size No
Microfiber Detailing Towel Size No
Glass Cleaner Size No
EVO 21 Random Orbit Dual Action Polisher Options No
Buffing Pads and Applicators No
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Gloss Enhancing Car Wash Shampoo Size No
Backing Plate Size No
Detailing Clay Bar Option No
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