EVO Machine Foam Polishing Pad Kit
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EVO Machine Foam Polishing Pad Kit


Have all of your polishing needs with this kit. The pads ranges from an aggressive cutting action to an ultra soft pad for applying sealant protection and everything in between!

  • Help remove deeper scratches
  • Restore high gloss finish
  • Used it for applying sealant protection

Order $125 (or over) and get FREE Domestic Ground Shipping. If for any reason our product gets damaged during transport, we will take care of the exchange / replacement.

Customer Reviews

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Heavy Cut Pad (Orange)- Works With 1500 Cut Polish/ 2500 One step Polish
This pad has an aggressive cutting action that will remove fine scratches, heavy swirl marks and heavy oxidation when used in conjunction with heavy polishing compounds.

Light Cut Pad (Yellow) - Works With 2000 Cut Finish Polish/ 2500 One Step Polish
This pad has a moderate cutting action that will remove less serious swirl marks and restore a high gloss finish when used in conjunction with light polishing compounds and finishing polishes.

Glazing Pad (Blue)-Works With 3000 Ultra Finish Polish / Demon Gloss
This pad has no cutting or cleaning action and is used for applying glazes and enhancing surface gloss prior to adding wax or sealant protection.

Ultra Finishing Pad (Grey Heavy Cut Wool)- Works With 800 Heavy Cut Plus / 1000 Cut Plus Polish
Our EVO Grey Heavy Cut Wool Pad leaves little to no holograming and light micro marring and when used in conjunction with our EVO Cut Plus Polish 1000 which can produce a finish ready for final polishing.