Outside of your home, your car is probably your most important investment. It takes a year-round beating from general wear and the elements. This wear and tear will show if you don’t regularly care for and maintain it. Whether it’s cleaning, waxing or making repairs and maintenance, exterior car care should become a regular part of your car care routine.

Detail Spray

Quick detailing with detail spray is the key to maintaining that just detailed look! Our gloss detailers give you a beautiful shine in no time. These optimum detail sprays give your vehicle the look it deserves quickly. No need to worry about leftover spots, waiting for a cloudy day, or investing too much time in getting that perfect glossy finish.

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Car Wash

Our Car Wash Products consists of everything you will need to complete a swirl-free hand was on your car or truck, as well as maintain a freshly detailed shine.

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Dual Action Polishers

Our Dual Action Polishers are a True swirl killer for tackling tough polishing jobs. Gloss It Dual Action Polishers are built for professional auto detailers and at home car enthusiasts alike. Get the best scratch-free finish without the fatigue.

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Ceramic Coatings | EVO Quartz

Nano-ceramic perfected. Clarity, depth, and protection all in one package! 2-5 Year Protection Options. Our Nano Ceramic Coatings offer amazing semi-permanent all surface protection. Featuring the latest in nano-glass coating technology.

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Wheel & Tire

This is recommended not only for professional use, but anyone who cares about the appearance of their ride. Gloss It provides unrivaled Wheel & Tire products to help you easily bring out a new look to your wheels and tires.

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Let no scratch go unpolished with our Comprehensive Polishing Products. Get all the tools you need to get the best auto detail possible. Designed for both auto detailers and at home car enthusiasts alike to get a perfect clear swirl-free finish every time.

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Waxes and Polymer Coatings

The BEST in Hybrid Paste Car Wax Technology! Get that killer color enhancement and clarity your car deserves with our Car Wax Products. Easy on, easy off application.

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1 Gallon Refills

Our One Gallon Refill Size Keeps You Well Stocked On Detailing Products! Easily Order your gallon stock here.

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  1. $25.00 - $40.00
  2. Signature Wheel Cleaning Gel 3 Pack

    Wheel Cleaner | 22oz | 3 Pack
  3. Mini Spot Correction Kit

    The perfect polishing kit for the weekend warrior or professional detailer that's looking to detail by hand and not by machine. These polishes offer the latest in micro abrasive technology for removing fine swirl marks, scratches and water spots!
  4. Family Reunion of Polishers

    Evo 21v3. Evo 15, Evo 12.5 and Evo 12
  5. EVO PRO Wheel & Caliper Coating | 50 ML

    Heavy Duty SiO2 Ceramic Coating With More Than 75% Solids.

    Designed specifically to withstand extreme conditions this permanent protective coating has advanced heat resistance and super chemical resistance to protect your wheels and brake calipers from damage, dust and fallout.

    $169.00 $109.85
  6. EVO PRO Body Spray Guard | 50 ML

    Quick Liquid Glass SiO2 Spray-On Ceramic Sealant Coating.

    ProBody is a quick liquid Glass SiO2 spray-on ceramic sealant coating that contains more than 15% SiO2 glass technology. The ProBody attributes high gloss and hydrophobicity to any surface for up to 10 to 12 months!!

  7. EVO PRO Window & Glass Coating | 50 ML

    Super Hydrophobic Coating for Glass and Windows.

    Enlarges the surface tension of the glass and creates a self-cleaning effect with water-repellent performance that prevents from water and dirt to adhere on the glass. Water and dirt will bead up and run off the glass while driving.

  8. 1 Gallon EVO 800 Heavy Cut Plus

    The first true heavy cut polish that truly diminishes on hard paint. Excellent for removing wet sanding scratches from 800 to 1200 grit.


    Signature Wheel Cleaner & Signature Tire Gloss FREE 22OZ GLOSS ENHACER DETAIL SPRAY

    Instant Spray Gloss Enhancer for a Quick Detail

    Gloss-It Gloss Enhancer Detail Spray provides a mirror-like appearance with true depth, clarity, reflection, and shine. Just a quick mist and wipe will remove dust, smudges, and fingerprints as well as those annoying drips and runs that can be left behind from washing.

  11. EVO Quartz Coating 10H 50 ML

    Nano Ceramic Quartz Coating - Long Lasting Paint Protection

    Protect your car's polished finish with this durable ceramic car coating. Are you looking for the best car protection available for your paint and finish? The EVO 10H is a car coating protection that is formulated to last and only requires reapplication every 8 years or 100,000 miles!

  12. Ceramic Detail Spray GR11 Edition


  13. Mild Detailing Clay Bar

    Superior Clay Bar Car Treatment for Removing Contaminants

    Prep your finish the safe way with our Mild Green Clay Bar by Gloss-It. Ideal for removing nasty pollutants or other contaminations from your car's finish before waxing or polishing.

    $28.95 $18.95
  14. Aggressive Detail Clay Bar

    Aggressive Detailing Clay Bar | 8 Ounce Lavender
  15. $5.95 - $105.00
  16. EVO Cut Finish Polish 2000

    Get that New Car Finish with the Best Car Polish Available

    Cut and finish in one step with the EVO 2000 Cut and Finish Car Polish. Only use the best polishing compound on your car, don't settle for anything less!

    Our specially formulated auto polish finish works great on the most difficult paints including newer European clear coats and black paint. Our polish is incredibly efficient at removing heavy swirl marks and micro marring while providing beautiful color enhancement. Finishes hologram free!

    $14.95 - $189.99
  17. TRV Tire, Rubber & Vinyl Protectant

    The Best Tire, Rubber, Vinyl, and Plastic Trim Dressing Available

    Gloss-It's TRV not only brings out the shine but also provides long lasting protection. This water-based NSAP polymer protects like a polish or wax, utilizes UV-SORB for blocking the sun, and is easy to cleanup when removing from overlapping surfaces!

    $8.95 - $160.00
  18. Evo Quartz Coating 7H

    3 Year / 40k Mile Durability.

    Evo Quartz Coating 7H offers amazing semi-permanent all surface protection. Featuring the latest in nano-glass coating technology. Evo Quartz 7H has a very slick feel and produces a ultra high-gloss candy-like appearance.

    $125.00 - $230.00
  19. Gloss Envy Detail Spray Plus | Limited Edition GR6

    Gloss-It Gloss Envy Detail Spray is unlike any detail spray you have ever used. Thanks to advanced polymer technology Gloss- It Gloss Envy Detail Spray will safely and easily lift away dust, smudges and streaks while leaving behind an unbelievable depth in shine.

    It is streak free, even in direct sunlight and will never build up or stain your paint or trim.

  20. $29.95
  21. $29.95
  22. Gloss Envy Detail Spray Plus | Limited Edition GR6/GR7 Bundle

    One of each Detail Spray | 22 Ounce | 2 Ultra Plush Edgeless Microfiber Detailing Towels
  23. Gloss Envy Detail Spray Plus | Limited Edition GR6/GR7/GR8 Bundle

    One of each | 22oz GR6, GR7, GR8 Detail Spray
  24. Gloss Envy Detail Spray Plus | Limited Edition GR6/GR7 Towel Bundle

    One of each Detail Spray | 22 Ounce | 2 Ultra Plush Edgeless Microfiber Detailing Towels
  25. Gloss Envy Detail Spray Plus | Limited Edition GR7 Towel Bundle

    Detail Spray | 22 Ounce and (2) Ultra Plush Edgeless Microfiber Detailing Towels
  26. Gloss Envy Detail Spray Plus | Limited Edition GR6 Towel Bundle

    Detail Spray | 22 Ounce and (2) Ultra Plush Edgeless Microfiber Detailing Towels
  27. EVO Green Foam Polishing Pad

    Moderate Cut Finishing
    $15.95 - $16.95

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