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The Best Selection of Dual Action Polishers & Rotary Buffers!
  1. EVO21 Random Orbit Dual Action Polisher

    Updated Version V3: Instant Trigger Response, Update clearance between counterweight and rubber shroud, Updated Internal Gearing

  2. EVO 15 Random Orbit Dual Action Polisher

    The Gloss-It EVO 15 Random Orbit Dual Action Polisher has raised the bar when it comes to professional results with a dual action polisher.
  3. EVO 12 Dual Action Polisher

    Now ready to be shipped and in stock! Grab yours today!!

    The perfect companion to our EVO 15mm and EVO21 Long Throw Polisher, for paint correction of small or hard-to-reach areas. Introducing EVO 12mm Long Throw Polisher.

  4. EVO21 Master Machine Polishing Kit

    The ultimate dual action polishing kit for the pro or weekend warrior detailer

    Includes EVO 21 Polisher

  5. EVO15 Master Machine Polishing Kit

    Killer deal with savings of over 122.00! Good until Feb18th with FREE domestic shipping

    Includes EVO15 Polisher

    $551.00 $429.00
  6. Evo15 Master Detail Bag Kit

    The Perfect Polishing kit for the serious detailing enthusiast

    Includes EVO15 Polisher

  7. Evo21 Master Detail Bag Kit

    Huge Discount!! Save over 126.00 on this Machine polishing kit until Feb 21st, 2018

  8. Evo Polishing Detail Bag

    EVO Travel Buddy
  9. Basic EVO21 Random Orbit Paint Correction Kit

    Includes EVO21 Random Orbit Polisher

    The perfect starter kit for just opening your mobile detail business without breaking the bank

    $399.00 $325.00
  10. Evo Backing Plate

    Fits EVO 21 Dual Action Polisher
    $29.95 - $29.95
  11. Cyclo Model 5-Pro, Variable Speed Dual

    Polish like Pro! Dual head technology
    $350.00 $249.95

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