Wheel, Tire & Trim Care Products!
  1. TRV Tire, Rubber & Vinyl Protectant

    The Best Tire, Rubber, Vinyl, and Plastic Trim Dressing Available

    Gloss-It's TRV not only brings out the shine but also provides long lasting protection. This water-based NSAP polymer protects like a polish or wax, utilizes UV-SORB for blocking the sun, and is easy to cleanup when removing from overlapping surfaces!

    $8.95 - $160.00
  2. Signature Tire Gloss

    Gloss-It Signature Tire Gloss & Protectant

    Our specially formulated Gloss-It water-based non-greasy tire gloss dries quickly and leaves a professional premium, durable finish that lasts. It doesn't sling off like silicone based products, and goes on easily. It's not wet-looking, but shinier than satin - and it makes your tires look brand new! Gloss-It Signature Tire Gloss keeps your tires shining for up to 2 weeks! Make Gloss-It Signature Tire Gloss part of your wheel cleaning and auto detailing operations for consistent professional results every time.

    $8.95 - $120.00

    Signature Wheel Cleaner & Signature Tire Gloss FREE 22OZ GLOSS ENHACER DETAIL SPRAY
  4. Signature Wheel Cleaning Gel 3 Pack

    Wheel Cleaner | 22oz | 3 Pack
  5. $110.00 $82.50
  6. 1 Gallon Signature Tire Gloss

  7. Hexi Grip Professional Tire Dressing Applicator

    Foam Tire Dressing Applicator
  8. Blue Hexi Grip Wax & Final Finishing Foam Applicator

    Final Finishing | Wax & Sealant | 3000

  9. Signature Boars Hair Wheel Brush

    14 Inch Brush
  10. Go Z Brush


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