Garage EVO21 Polisher

EVO21 Polisher

Here are a few quick tips in using a Dual Action Polisher. Polish without the fear of damaging your vehicle.

The EVO 21 Polisher has raised the bar when it comes to professional results with a dual action polisher! Our EVO21 Polisher has an enormous 21 millimeter throw for exceptional results from both professional detailers and enthusiasts. Watch the video to learn more.

  1. Gloss Enhancer Detail Spray

    Instant Spray Gloss Enhancer for a Quick Detail

    Gloss-It Gloss Enhancer Detail Spray provides a mirror-like appearance with true depth, clarity, reflection, and shine. Just a quick mist and wipe will remove dust, smudges, and fingerprints as well as those annoying drips and runs that can be left behind from washing.

    $4.95 - $120.00
  2. Evo21 Master Detail Bag Kit

    Huge Discount!! Save over 126.00 on this Machine polishing kit until Feb 21st, 2018

  3. Evo Backing Plate

    Fits EVO 21 Dual Action Polisher
    $29.95 - $29.95
  4. EVO Blue Final Finishing Foam Polishing Pad

    Final Finishing 3000
    $11.95 - $14.95
  5. Gloss Enhancer Detail Spray Refill

    Never run out of your favorite Gloss-it Gloss Enhancer Detail Spray with our convenient one gallon refill!
  6. EVO21 Master Machine Polishing Kit

    The ultimate dual action polishing kit for the pro or weekend warrior detailer

    Includes EVO 21 Polisher

  7. EVO Ultra Finish Polish 3000

    Final Finishing
    $9.95 - $144.95

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