Garage EVO21 Polisher

EVO21 Polisher

Here are a few quick tips in using a Dual Action Polisher. Polish without the fear of damaging your vehicle.

The EVO 21 Polisher has raised the bar when it comes to professional results with a dual action polisher! Our EVO21 Polisher has an enormous 21 millimeter throw for exceptional results from both professional detailers and enthusiasts. Watch the video to learn more.

  1. EVO21 Random Orbit Dual Action Polisher

    Updated Version V3: Instant Trigger Response, Update clearance between counterweight and rubber shroud, Updated Internal Gearing

  2. EVO Blue Final Finishing Foam Polishing Pad

    Final Finishing 3000
    $11.95 - $14.95
  3. EVO Ultra Finish Polish 3000

    Final Finishing
    $9.95 - $144.95
  4. Gloss Envy Detail Spray Plus | Limited Edition GR6/GR7/GR8 Bundle

    One of each | 22oz GR6, GR7, GR8 Detail Spray

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