Garage Interior

Learn interior care as we discuss the proper methods as well as tips and tricks in keeping the inside of your vehicle looking crisp and clean this season!

In this video we use our Satin Leather Cleaner which also works well on vinyl and our Satin Leather Polish which will renew and soften the leather but also protect the leather and give it a nice smooth satin finish!

  1. Interior Leather & Vinyl Care Bundle

    Superior Leather, Vinyl, and Satin Cleaning/Protection Kit

    Get all the tools you need for the best car vinyl and leather interior cleaning available. This bundle comes with the Satin, Leather, and Vinyl cleaner as well as conditioner to help you get out those stubborn grease marks while protecting your interior for the long haul. Save your car's interior from body oils, alcohol-based stains, and sun damage!

  2. Detailing Brush Set

    5 Brush Set
  3. $25.00 - $40.00
  4. 16oz Leather & Vinyl Cleaner Concentrate

    Gloss-It Car Interior Leather and Vinyl Cleaner

    Bring your car's interior back to that polished factory condition with our auto leather and vinyl cleaner. Gloss-it has developed a leather cleaner that gently cleans and replenishes the natural leather oils while restoring that natural wonderful leather smell.

    $14.99 - $89.95
  5. 4" Premium Red Foam Applicator

    Foam Applicator
  6. 16oz Leather & Vinyl Protective Conditioner

    Gloss-It Evo Satin, Leather, and Vinyl Protective Polish

    The Gloss-It Evo Satin, Leather & Vinyl Protective Conditioner gives your interior the long-lasting protective polish it deserves. Use this car leather conditioner to protect your interior from the sun and bring back that original look. Choose the best car vinyl and leather protector around to give your car's interior that factory finish!

    $24.95 - $114.95

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