Wheel & Tire Care

Maintain optimal wheel & tire care with our expert detailing tips!

This is recommended not only for professional use, but anyone who cares about the appearance and durability of their wheels and tires. We recommend our Essential Wheel and Tire Care Kit that includes unrivaled products to help you easily bring out a new look to your wheels and tires. Watch and learn how to maintain that much envied Wheel and Tire Shine.

  1. Essential Wheel and Tire Care Kit

    22 Ounce | Applicator | 2 Brushes
  2. Gloss Enhancer Detail Spray

    Instant Spray Gloss Enhancer for a Quick Detail

    Gloss-It Gloss Enhancer Detail Spray provides a mirror-like appearance with true depth, clarity, reflection, and shine. Just a quick mist and wipe will remove dust, smudges, and fingerprints as well as those annoying drips and runs that can be left behind from washing.

    $4.95 - $120.00
  3. Detailing Brush Set

    5 Brush Set
  4. Signature Boars Hair Wheel Brush

    14 Inch Brush
  5. 4" Premium Red Foam Applicator

    Foam Applicator
  6. Signature Tire Gloss

    Gloss-It Signature Tire Gloss & Protectant

    Our specially formulated Gloss-It water-based non-greasy tire gloss dries quickly and leaves a professional premium, durable finish that lasts. It doesn't sling off like silicone based products, and goes on easily. It's not wet-looking, but shinier than satin - and it makes your tires look brand new! Gloss-It Signature Tire Gloss keeps your tires shining for up to 2 weeks! Make Gloss-It Signature Tire Gloss part of your wheel cleaning and auto detailing operations for consistent professional results every time.

    $8.95 - $120.00

    Signature Wheel Cleaner & Signature Tire Gloss FREE 22OZ GLOSS ENHACER DETAIL SPRAY

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