1. Evo15 Master Detail Bag Kit

    The Perfect Polishing kit for the serious detailing enthusiast

    Includes EVO15 Polisher

  2. Evo21 Master Detail Bag Kit

    Professional Detail Buffing and Car Polishing Kit

    Let no scratch go unpolished with the Gloss-It EVO 21 DA Car Polisher and Buffing Kit! This complete polishing kit gives you all the tools you need to get the best auto detail possible. Designed for both auto detailers and at home car enthusiasts alike to get a perfect clear swirl-free finish every time. The easy to use EVO 21 reduces fatigue when buffing your car via with it's aeronautical handle, top grip for control, gas pedal type trigger, and speed lock.

  3. EVO21 Master Machine Polishing Kit

    The ultimate dual action polishing kit for the pro or weekend warrior detailer

    Includes EVO 21 Polisher

  4. EVO15 Master Machine Polishing Kit

    Killer deal with savings of over 122.00! Good until Feb18th with FREE domestic shipping

    Includes EVO15 Polisher

    $551.00 $429.00
  5. Essential Wheel and Tire Care Kit

    22 Ounce | Applicator | 2 Brushes
  6. Complete Wheel and Tire Care Kit

    22 Ounce | Applicator | 7 Brushes
  7. Mini Car Wash Kit

    Mini Car Wash kit makes the perfect detail kit for fathers day! We remember as kids how much fun it was to wash and detail our Fathers car and the memories we built.
  8. The Ultimate 22oz Bundle

    Four | 22oz Bottle Spray APC |Signature Tire Gloss |Signature Wheel Cleaner |Gloss Enhancer Detail Spray
    $59.00 $44.99
  9. Complete Swirl Free Car Wash Kit

    Car Washing Bundle for Superior Cleaning and Auto Detailing

    Looking for a complete kit for the best car wash and detail possible? Search no further, because Gloss-It has perfected and simplified auto detailing for the at home DIY car enthusiast and professional detailer alike. This complete kit provides all the tools needed to get a superior car wash the fast and easy way. Make sure your car or truck is the envy of your friends, family, and co-workers!

  10. EVO Machine Foam Polishing Pad Kit

    Heavy Cut to Final Finish
    $89.95 - $119.95
  11. EVO Polishing & Paint Correction Polish System Kit

    Heavy Cut to Finial Finish | 4-16 Ounce
    $220.00 $139.95
  12. Deluxe Enthusiast Starter Car Wash Kit

    Starter Car Wash Kit | 11 Piece
  13. Interior Leather & Vinyl Care Bundle

    Superior Leather, Vinyl, and Satin Cleaning/Protection Kit

    Get all the tools you need for the best car vinyl and leather interior cleaning available. This bundle comes with the Satin, Leather, and Vinyl cleaner as well as conditioner to help you get out those stubborn grease marks while protecting your interior for the long haul. Save your car's interior from body oils, alcohol-based stains, and sun damage!

  14. 3 1/2 Gallon and Grit Guard Kit and Gamma seal lid

    3 1/2 Gallon and Grit Guard Kit | 2 Piece
  15. 5 Gallon Bucket with Grit Guard Kit and Gamma Seal Lid

    Car Wash & 5 Gallon Bucket with Grit Guard Kit

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