The Best Selection of Dual Action Polishers & Rotary Buffers!
  1. EVO Machine Foam Polishing Pad Kit

    Heavy Cut to Final Finish
    $89.95 - $119.95
  2. Mini Spot Correction Kit

    The perfect polishing kit for the weekend warrior or professional detailer that's looking to detail by hand and not by machine. These polishes offer the latest in micro abrasive technology for removing fine swirl marks, scratches and water spots!
  3. EVO Polishing & Paint Correction Polish System Kit

    Heavy Cut to Finial Finish | 4-16 Ounce
    $220.00 $165.00
  4. EVO15 Master Machine Polishing Kit

    Killer deal with savings of over 182.00! Good until December 19th with FREE domestic shipping

    Includes EVO15 Polisher

  5. EVO21 Master Machine Polishing Kit

    The ultimate dual action polishing kit for the pro or weekend warrior detailer.... Save $181.00 until Dec 19th

    Includes EVO 21 Polisher

  6. Evo15 Master Detail Bag Kit

    The Perfect Polishing kit for the serious detailing enthusiast

    Includes EVO15 Polisher

  7. Evo21 Master Detail Bag Kit

    Professional Detail Buffing and Car Polishing Kit

    Let no scratch go unpolished with the Gloss-It EVO 21 DA Car Polisher and Buffing Kit! This complete polishing kit gives you all the tools you need to get the best auto detail possible. Designed for both auto detailers and at home car enthusiasts alike to get a perfect clear swirl-free finish every time. The easy to use EVO 21 reduces fatigue when buffing your car via with it's aeronautical handle, top grip for control, gas pedal type trigger, and speed lock.

  8. Family Reunion of Polishers

    Evo 21v3. Evo 15, Evo 12.5 and Evo 12

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